Basketball: UR Huye Basketball loses match with UGB

University of Rwanda basketball, UR Huye basketball team, on Saturday, June 4, lost against United Generation Basketball (UGB) 103-56 in the championship at the Club Rafiki in Kigali city.

Furthermore, the University of Rwanda female teams in basketball, UR Huye and UR Remera (CMHS) played on Sunday 05, June at the same playground, Club Rafiki and UR Huye wins UR Remera 51-50 points.

The UGB looked the better side in the first and the half-time break leading with much performance compared to UR Huye Basketball.

The match starts both teams are on standby fighting to win against each other, but finally, UGB shows a difference of 47 points.

Speaking  to The Kaminuza Star, the United Generation Basketball head coach, Mr. Yves MURENZI said that they are pleased to win the match with UR Huye Basketball  because they have exercised enough as they are doing for the next matches in the champion.

“We are pleased of winning this match and we thank God as well. This match was not easy because UR Huye (basketball) is a strong team; it has the fastest players, but not shooters. We needed to cease them from moving with strong attackers. Our main target in this champion is to win the cup”.  Mr. Yves announces.

The female and male basketball teams’ coach says that being in champion teaches them self-organization as well as acquiring new techniques that could impact positively the next games.

Additionally, he told The KS that he and his players are learning from mistakes they have made in the match with UGB. Compared to the past, the University of Rwanda supports various disciplines of sports including handball, basketball, goalball, football, athletism, and others.

UR Huye Basketball in black and UGB in white