College finalists’ nightmares


It’s always petrifying to think of the future seeing yourself in a life without class schedule, where ‘Do we have class today’ question is replaced by ‘Do I have a gig today’ question. The heart beats different when you think of this as university student, don’t you? Maybe you are little different and brave enough not to worry about this, but I bet you think of it and it’s okay to do so, that’s for everyone though…Neither is the writer of this article an exception.

‘Education is the key’ Lucky Dube once sang. And I think it is the key that is worth of being sharpened to look for very enough opportunities found on different locks. Yes, it’s worth of being sharpened very enough to earn you bread out of the campus. For that, I know many people told you to work hard, but this time I choose to tell you to work smarter.

I have been talking with friends about the life after college and nearly none is sure and safe about it, they are worried but also ready to take new responsibilities and move on to the new stage of life and some to continue their studies which sounds better for me.

If you have ever been on certain campus, you know how the situation really is. It’s full of working in groups by meeting up for assignments, this creates a strong chemistry among the attendants that I couldn’t hesitate to say they become your second family, those who really attend, leave that group member who never attends group assignment, maybe he won’t let you understand how group member could be your second home, frankly speaking, you do gain true friends there of whom you miss after graduating.

It’s not a good idea that you are going leave those friends as a finalist, but it also a better idea that you are about to graduate, maybe without retaking, and get a job, who knows? It’s great for you that you may meet your friends in Master’s degree or job whenever found.

As any other school stage leaver, you will miss a lot from the campus, from your roommate to the Auditorium ambiance on big Europian matches if you really enjoy them. It isn’t that you will never have chance to meet new people nor watching those matches, but the community itself.

For the extroverts, won’t you miss the association members? I bet you will. Choir members, health association members, wherever you belong, will be worth of your college nostalgia.

Not an interesting idea to think of the unemployment issue out there and the society we live in that expect much from the graduate. It gives goosebumps for real.

Don’t let pessimism blind you though, there are also plenty of opportunities out there you can seize as you graduate, the society needs a graduate like you as long UR well trained you for what the society needs the most. Be the engine to their development and problem -solving person as you are able to do so.

Although thinking of the life after college sometimes get students worried for they don’t know what future holds, they also have to think of how really good could life turn into. Self-discipline, studying hard and smarter, networking, is all students need to feel secured as they are about graduate.

It isn’t a must to agree with all you read above, it’s possible for someone to miss none of my above mentions , that’s why this writing was published in Opinion column.

It’s a blessing to graduate. Be happy for that.