Meet Conga Vybez, an Afrobeat banger maker

Conga Vybez,an Afrobeat and R&B singer

Mushyitsi Coronne, known by Conga Vybez as his stage name and a second year student at University of Rwanda in journalism and communication, shares his music journey.

He is both a singer and songwriter, a Rwandanwho was born in Congo/Bukavu in 1998.

Conga Vybez  first recorded song was in French ‘lève-toi’ and more people loved it, therefore he recorded Karaga, Bendover, Lavo, Ruswa, Bwiza, Adama and then Ndananiwe which he featured with Logan.

Get to know him via Q&A interview  that KS had with him:

When did you realize that you can sing as your passion?

It all started when I was in senior four, I never believed that I would become an artist, me and my friends used to beat our desk as drums and form the sort of music beat (He laughs), it inspired me every time when students came to hear me singing, it showed me that people can like my performance therefore I started performing on stage and from that moment I dreamed of being a pop star and change the world through my songs.

Honestly, what or who truly inspires you?

My mom (Keenly saying), I love her very much I would do anything to change her life.

What are the obstacles that you face while combining school with music?

It’s very difficult. I don’t have a manager, so once I was going to release “Bwiza” video, I took a risk and used all government living allowance amount (Bursary), and then I spent almost 2 months struggling, totally broke; I had more loans and didn’t pay for the restaurant.

Once again, I didn’t attend an assignment presentation because I delayed for class while doing music -actually it was very hard to convince the professor for the retake- therefore I lost marks.

So how do you conquer those obstacles?

I try my best to manage time, when I’m not studying, I’m doing music and vice versa. I do my best to attend classes, do assignments and exams, then in holidays or any free day I do music like recording  my songs, write songs and other stuff. Yes I love music but class comes first, I can’t just leave class for music.

Your parents might be very proud of you, isn’t it?

You see, sometimes it disappoints parents when we choose what they don’t want for us, especially when it’s music, which more people consider as worthless, rebellious, and immoral.

I wish my dad would have supported me or even given me a chance to study music, he wanted me to study languages and literature just like him. Parents should not stop or discourage their children’s talent because it can contribute to the family and country in general.

Then why did you choose journalism?

I had no other choice, I missed  music option, I couldn’t miss my second career option which was journalism, it is somehow related to music, a journalist has the ability to expand an artist.

What is your favorite song  among all your songs?

Lève-toi, I think it’s because it is my first recorded song and it is about my life, what I passed through, and encouraging myself and others who struggle in this world to survive, to never give up.

What’s your view on entertainment in University of Rwanda?

Compared to other past generations, the entertainment in the university is lousy, they don’t put more efforts in entertainment like before, there are more artists but we don’t get the stage, we can’t only blame covid-19 but also the in-charge of university. You remember well when Marina and other artists came in Huye in 2019, they only gave the stage to popular artists around Huye and rejected us.

Most of your songs have a guitar’s melody and you usually walk with it on your back, why?

I love guitar, it is comfortable and portable compared to other music instruments, and it sounds well.

Ending the conversation, what would you tell your fans or people you inspire?

My loved ones, thank you for your support, there’s more in stock, I’m releasing my second album ‘Lavo’ soon, don’t miss. For my new fans you can hear and watch my songs on my YouTube channel Conga Vybez. Thank you!