Innovation HUB resumes works with new regulations after one year

It’s been an year without Innovation HUB to work as usual. It has now resumed its works with new regulations of improving the way of dealing with and supporting the University students who have projects and are in need of support. Be it financial or internet as officials say.

“We are dealing with students who have their projects in terms of working space, free internet access, free MAC Book (computers) and it is not only training  that we offer, but also according to the quality of someone’s project, we orient him/her to get financial support.” Sylvie INGABIRE, Innovation HUB coordinator, announced.

She added “We have three projects: Creative design, project about website and project about social media creation. We still need many students to improve their innovation via their projects”.

For the students as beneficiaries of Innovation HUB, are happy for the resumption and support they daily get from the center.


Students working on their projects in Innovation HUB

Emmanuel MUTABAZI, a student in year three creative design, works in Mutware Educate Project.

He said “I am so excited to join this center, they provide me access to electronic tools that contribute to my skills honing , as our target in Mutware educate Project as it is integrated technology in education.”

Another student, Mustafa Ishimwe, the Mutware Educate Project member emphasizes that Innovation HUB helps them a lot in realizing their dream through technological projects and call upon other students to seek for a help in Innovation HUB.

“Everyone has to know that things have changed, so as to succeed in this digital life, we need to connect ourselves with technology”. Mustafa, says.

According to Sylvie Ingabire, Innovation HUB first opened in 2017 to help students from ICT and other students with projects.  Innovation HUB’s sponsor(Airtel) with UR-Huye campus administration decide to use it in academic research.

She added that the Innovation HUB had postponed its works due to Covid 19 pandemic infections surge that caused the issues of salaries to the workers.

Innovation HUB once had Dutch sponsors, whose agreement is no longer there. Current sponsor is Airtel that filled the gap using materials like computer machines such as Mac book (Apple) .