Meet the iconic journalist in Rwanda, Cleophas Barore.


Cleophas Barore, a journalist

A 26-year-experienced journalist has been working hard to make it to this name where people are now very curious to know more about his life, we can say less, but let Kaminuza Star gets you to know more about this legendary journalist.

Amongst many you would like to know about him is that he was born in October 10th 1969 in the family of 11 of whom he is the first born. The world of press gained a new a legend to be via East of Rwanda, in Rwamagana district.

This is part one of the Q&A interview with him. Get some sip.


KAMINUZA STAR: Was it your big dream to become a journalist?

 Cleophas BARORE: Most of the times we don’t work what we learnt. At that my age of schooling, studying was by chance not by your rights, if a person got that chance they might learn regardless  matching their dreams or not, all we had to do, was to profit that chance. For example, I learnt education but if I would have gotten chances of choosing what matches my dream, I would have learnt journalism.

KAMINUZA STAR: Except journalism as a career, do you have any other kind of job?

Cleophas BARORE: I used to do this job together with teaching between 1996 and 1998 and then I stopped but now apart from journalist, am a pastor.

KAMINUZA STAR: According to you, what is the difference between current journalism situation and the one you have been working at your very beginning of the career?

 Cleophas BARORE: During that era, when we started there was not enough equipment like computers and smartphones compared to this new era. We worked in segments because Radio Rwanda was not working 24/7 or full-time day at the time. But this era we have internet which is very easy to get information compared to the last days. This means there is a big change.

KAMINUZA STAR: You have been a journalist for many years on one medium. Is there any other media house that showed an interest in you?

Cleophas BARORE: Many people from different media organizations  came to see me, but I rejected the offers because I had an experience that they don’t mean their word , I mean, they don’t follow the clauses in contract, that’s why I stayed where I belong right now. I didn’t want to change the media organization that I work for .

KAMINUZA STAR:  Who is your role model in journalism?

Cleophas BARORE: Ohhh, my role model is any journalist in this career who do their work wisely , here I mean I don’t like voice or physical appearance of the journalist  but I like content because I even get  to learn  from them.

KAMINUZA STAR: Do you like football? What’s the team that you support in Rwanda?

Cleophas BARORE: YES I do like it. About supporting, I’m not that die-hard fan but I support RAYON SPORT.

KAMINUZA STAR: While not at the job, where do you get to rest?

Cleophas BARORE: Oooh! I often take rest at home by watching television or reading books. I don’t like to go for outing.

KAMINUZA STAR: What is your best meal?

Cleophas BARORE: My best meal is matooke.

KAMINUZA STAR: At the end, what would you like to tell those who take you as their role model in journalism?

Cleophas BARORE: Journalism is a good job; Keep going. Respect the editors you will achieve more.

Apart from the above, you would like to know that;

Cleophas Barore is the head of Rwanda media commission (RMC).He studied his primary in Rwamagana district, Eastern province and continued his secondary level at EFC KIMIHURURA and got diploma from University of Rwanda in school of journalism.

He started his profession of journalism on 5th January 1995 in former ORENFOR , the current RADIO RWANDA, in talk show programs for six years.

In 2001, he shifted from presenting news in Kinyarwanda program known as Makuru ki mu binyamakuru. Later on in 2008-2009 he became an editor in department of news in Kinyarwanda, from 2011 to 2012 he worked as chief-editor on television. In 2013 until now he works as a senior producer in department of talk show programs on Radio Rwanda.