2019-2020 first trimester’s noteworthy occurrences

(L-R) Professor Nelson Ijumba, Professor Phillip Cotton, newly inaugurated ICT building in Huye campus. Remy Uwayo

The first trimester of the academic year 2019/2020, is near its completion but don’t be out of sorts just yet! This recap will help fill you in on the three pivotal happenings of this trimester.

Farewell prof. Nelson Ijumba

One of the key events was the departure of Prof. Nelson Ijumba, as he ended his tenure as former Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Research. The Professor occupied this position for six years; since the inception of the University of Rwanda.

The mantle of Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research was passed on to Dr. Emile Bienvenu who prior to this boost, held the position of Director of University Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which he carried out simultaneously with his role of lecturer at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Huye campus: A reinstated information and communication technology building

The ICT building was temporarily closed after certain construction-related glitches were noticed. Nevertheless, the building was rehabilitated and reopened with the expectancy to facilitate the studies of the 1108 ICT students.

The building is dubbed KOICA – the Korea International Cooperation Agency, in recognition to an organization responsible for the funding of its construction back in 2011.


235 third-year medical students of the University of Rwanda’s College of Medicine and Health Sciences donned white coats. This act symbolizes the transition of medical students from Pre-clinical studies to Clinical Health Sciences.

This White Coat Ceremony took roots in 2014 by the CMHS with the intention of producing astute medical practitioners through the provision of adequate guidelines, expectations and responsibilities of a medical profession, to their students.

As we approach the end, it is necessary to know the thoughts of Prof. Philip Cotton, University of Rwanda’s Vice Chancellor interviewed by the Kaminuza Star.

In this interview, he pointed out the progress made by the students of the university and the catch-up program made available for Gitwe students.

The subsequent parts of the interview can be found below;

First part: We have made a lot of progress.

Second part: : No single constraint that stops us from being a university that has impact and influence