Book Review: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Imagine growing up with traumatic memories of your family being murdered. Knowing that your beloved brother had committed a hideous act. And you helped to put him in jail with your testimony at age 7.

This is what happened to Libby Day. Since then, she was unable to find a stable job. She started living off charity money offered by strangers. Suddenly,her fund ran out. Libby desperately needed money; she found out a group of crime fanatics (The Kill Club) who were willing to pay easy money.

Libby dives in the dozen theories presented by Lyle Wirth the leading member of Kill Club to innocent her brother. on her journey, she discovered that all the allegations against her brother were deceitful. Be it the molestation, the killings, even the fact that he was a devil worshipper. She set out to find the responsible offender, in the avalanche of the events as they unfolded that night the story got more enthralling.

To embark on this journey with Libby Day was insightful, I recommend this book to readers who love a well-twisted plot. As the story unfold, I realized how as humans we are quick to victimize others, mostly the odd ones out. But, how we also came together to help those in needs, when life do us wrong. i think Ben’s peculiar side dug him deeper into trouble. Who else apt of blame than the one who doesn’t fit in? we tend to think that anything different from what we are, or used to, is bad, which is not necessarily true.

The truth of what really happened that fateful night January 3, 1985, around 2 a.m is way too surprising for any mind to make a right guess.

This novel is a riveting thriller, It’s hard not to be enthralled. My rate for the book would be a five stars. for its unique and relatable characters.