UR students encouraged to create jobs out of existing opportunities

Speakers at the public talk
Different speakers at the public talk on Wednesday encouraged the students to play a role in development of Rwanda. Photo: Rémy Uwayo

Students at the public talk were reminded that young people made the liberation and transformation of Rwanda successful.

“25 years ago, the majority of those who liberated and championed the liberation of Rwanda were youth.” said Dr Eduard Kadonzi, at a public talk in UR Huye Campus. “History tells us they did not have all means.”

He called upon students to use the experience to revisit their thinking; as youth trying to pursue the transformation of Rwanda.

“Youth have to think in entrepreneurial way on order to be job creators instead of being job seekers,” he said.

The weekly talk, which took place in the Main Auditorium, was attended by students under the theme: “Youth inclusion in social economic transformation, education, skills and job creation”.

During his speech, Dr. Kadonzi, RDB representative, mostly described to students the way in which they can create their own jobs, instead of seeking for job after finishing their university studies, as long as the country’s development is based on their thoughts and courage.

“Beside your lecture assignments, you have to think about what you will do after courses,” he said.

He also talked about the issue of unemployment of which Rwandan youth want to be solved mostly, where he explained more about establishment of development programs aimed at youth empowerment. Such programs are Massive Vocational Trainings, Rapid Response Trainings, SME Trainings and Toolkit Security. The programs, all initiated by RDB, were put in place in order give hand to youth towards their development.

According to figures by Rwanda’s National Institute of Statistics (NISR), youth unemployment is at 18% as of May, 2019.

Students positively reacted to the advice and incentives offered to youth. “I was really inspired to create my own job as long our government showed us all the way to our development,” said Charles Nsengiyumva, a first year student of General Nursing. “It is really helpful to the youth because often lack of capital is a problem.

Hundreds of students attend the weekly public talk in Huye Cmapus Main Auditoruim. Photo: Rémy Uwayo

Students appreciated the opportunities that are provided for the youth by government.

“We are lucky to have this government that initiates different programs for the youth empowerment that we have to benefit from by working hard and thinking big.” said Eric Dusenge, a second year student of law.

The public talk was also attended by Senator Adrien Umuhire, Robert Masozera, Director General of the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda (INMR), who also encouraged UR students to strive for their country’s development by creating jobs, fighting against genocide ideology and genocide denial.

The Public Talk is a weekly program that is hosted every Wednesday at Huye Campus where experts and officials interact with students on topics prepared in regard to country’s development by which youth have to play a big role.