Dear all,

The Kaminuza Star editorial team wishes all our readers, the University of Rwanda (UR)community and the general public happy end of year of 2019 and prosperous Happy New Year of 2020.

In 2017 when I was admitted into UR’s Journalism and Communication undergraduate programme, I immediately joined Kaminuza Star. I am so happy that this publication enhances writing and editing skills to many SJC students and covering events which impact the community.

Frankly, I felt shy when I joined The Kaminuza Star newsroom for the first time. But I was so hungry of finding my stories being published in this newspaper. By the end of my first year, I have already been elected marketing manager of The Kaminuza Star. I am now the editor-in-chief of this newspaper. And I am graduating this year. I will miss the Kaminuza Star team.

In this fifth issue, there are a lot of important stories such as the rebirth of Huye town, challenges and opportunities related to the relocation of UR Campus and the sad news of UR interns who vanished abroad among other stories.

The Kaminuza Star has been and will be always a bridge between dreams and realities for many journalism students. I thank my comrades who have been cooperative and productive in this newspaper.

However, this paper needs your help to prosper. In the last three years, we faced challenges in finding volunteer writers. I really encourage students from other schools of the University of Rwanda to contribute to the sustainability of their newspaper – The Kaminuza Star. The good news is that we are now online through

We thank the management of the University of Rwanda for guidance and support. We also extend our thanks to the entire team of Fojo Media Institute, Sweden, for the full support and dedication to professional journalism in various nations.

Good luck to all 2019-Graduates.

Bye for now.