UR Students Launch Agaciro Contribution Scheme

The student body, DUSAF, handed over a check as a contribution to Agaciro Development Fund authority. It is the first time a student initiative from the University of Rwanda contribute to the authority.

It was during the launch of University Students Agaciro Contribution (USAC) where Rwf 1,050,000 was contributed. The launch in August marked the seventh anniversary of Agaciro Development Fund (ADF), which was inaugurated in 2012 by President Paul Kagame.

The event took place at the University of Rwanda, Huye campus on August 23. USAC aims not only at collecting university students’ contribution to ADF but also boost its impact it through mobilization.

“The initiative [USAC] came as we thought about what we can do to contribute to our country’s wealth fund,” said Welcome Sebanani, DUSAF president.

“The contribution adds to other activities in which we take part. We built a model village in Tumba sector, Huye district, and we participate in umuganda in Huye, Muhanga, Musanze and other districts,” he added.


DUSAF (District University Student’s Associations Forum), which was initiated in 2006, represents about 5,000 students who are grouped into 30 associations based on their home districts across the country.

Jack Kayonga, CEO of Agaciro Development Fund, said the initiative was important not only because students have contributed over one million but also their mindset to take the initiative.

“Everyone has the capacity to build his or her country,” Kayonga said. “The students have made a significant step in building our country. We hope they will encourage other Rwandans.”

DUSAF president said that the launch was only the start. “We will mobilize students in other UR campuses and we plan to continue with private universities,” he said. He added that USAC will affect the lives of students and Rwandans positively. For Sebanani, the scheme is valuable because students are giving back to their country.

“We are studying in a peaceful country; we get monthly bursary. So USAC shows that we are grateful for the sacrifice of the youth who liberated our country,” he said.


Ange Sebutege, Mayor of Huye, said that the district will provide needed help and partnership to DUSAF in order to achieve their goals.

“You cannot separate Huye district and the university,” he said. Sebutege, who represented the governor of the Southern Province, pledged support in minimizing challenges facing DUSAF.

Patricie Uwumukiza, who studies social work at Huye campus, said that she is committed to Rwanda’s self-reliance. “As students, we are the future of Rwanda. So, we have to show it by contributing to Agaciro Fund,” she said.

FACTS: Agaciro Development Fund was initiated at the 9th Umushyikirano, in 2011. USAC is a voluntary fund where students will contribute to the Agaciro Development Fund. As of today, the Fund has collected Rwf 194 billion and invested in twenty-eight companies.

Ange Iliza contributed to this article