UR students urged to join research body

Economic Policy Research Network Rwanda

University of Rwanda students have been encouraged to join a professional network that seeks to empower students with tools to respond to economic policy gaps associated with limited research.

Created in 2008, the programme, Economic Policy Research Network(EPRN), brings together mainly Rwandan researcherswith view to train UR students across all the different colleges in how to conduct research that impacts national policies and development.

The idea is to nurture students into good researchers in the future.

The network was created by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, National Bank of Rwanda, University of Rwanda, National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda, Institute of Policy Analysis and Research (IPAR) Rwanda.

“EPRN affords us an opportunity to learn more about research methodologies and how to conduct research proper,” said AimeGentilKwizera, the head of the network chapter at UR Gikondo campus.

He said the network organizes competitions, seminars, conferences, mentorship sessions and other networking occasions which improves students’ appreciation of research, especially in policy matters.

“Five months ago, the winner of one of the competitions was awarded Frw300,000,” he added. “We are also afforded access to professional training, research publications and newsletters, libraries and online resource, as well as university bridge programmes(AQWPD), among others.”

Both undergraduate and post-graduate students are welcome to join EPRN, Kwizera said, adding that student members have previously come up with ideas on how to help bridge some of the gaps in agriculture and environment sectors.

“EPRN builds your individual capacity in lots of ways,” he noted.

Undergraduate and post-graduate students pay Rwf5000 and Rwf20000 in annual membership fee, respectively.

Jerome Tuyishimire-Kaminuza Star.com