UR Gikondo campus gets ‘TV platform’

Agaciro Television was launched in April,2018

Students at the University of Rwanda-Gikondo campus have started an in-house Television pre-recorded service that covers news and features focusing on campus-related content.

The platform, known as Agaciro Television, was launched on April, 2018. It relays pre-recorded content twice a week – Monday and Friday – at 8p.m.

The students’ guild council at UR-Gikondo says the platform will be a hands-on learning tool for particularly School of Journalism and Communication (SJC) and School of Business Information Technology (BIT) students.

Previously, SJC was using the Huye-based Salus Radio station to train its students but this became untenable once the school was transferred to Kigali and the radio station remained in Huye.

Claire Isingizwe, the Guild Minister for information at the Gikondo campus, said the television service will empower students with production skills. “It will help expose students to Television processes and productions before they can go out to do internships in the mainstream media.”

“We asked for this TV and UR administration listened to us. This will help students inthe School of Journalism and Communication, the School of Business Information Technology in practicing their studies. It is not a TV Station but a TV platform because it is pre-recorded story. We will use social media to send the stories in other campuses such as Facebook, Whatsapp groups, YouTube…,” she said.

The ‘TV programmes and news bulletins’ are broadcast on a screen in the restaurant.

“UR is committed to continuously improving the quality and skills of students and developing their talent,” added Isingizwe.

The students appreciate Agaciro TV and sayit will help them in the learning process.

Jean Aime Muhawenayo, a student in the School of Journalism and Communication and a reporter on Agaciro TV, said:”We are very excited and thankful, Agaciro TV will facilitate us in practicing our studies. Some students have being leaving college without any practical TV experience. Agaciro TV will fix this.”

Last year, the SJC, with support from The New Times Publications, launched Kaminuza Star newspaper, a periodic publication that covers mostly UR news.

Jean de Dieu Ntabareshya-Kaminuza Star