Faux Fashions

Faux fur coat fashion-outfit/Photo:net

Fashion is often seen as a personal expression. What we wear, how we wear it and where we wear it gives us identity and says a lot about who we are. Most of the times however, we fall into fashion traps and completely confuse or even scare a few people who meet us on the road. Some of us do it intentionally, and some think they are doing right.

Allow me to point out a few faux fashions that are very common around us, especially at the University.Ladies, you may want to consider laying off a few of the following things.

High boots: Boots look trendy especially on celebrities but we forget that they are meant for winter and we never have such cold times to necessitate fully covered legs. Spare yourself the baked legs and dress for the weather you live in.

Sportswear: It’s cool and comfy. Designed to absorb moisture and not overheat. Sounds perfect! But can we stop wearing them when doing everything else but actual sports.

And few other things my ladies, don’t wear heel if you can’t walk in them. Some of us end up looking like drunken grasshoppers with that buckling and knee shaking. Don’t wear miniskirts if you are going to walk around pulling them down like you have a chronic thigh itch. And my dear gentlemen, I have nothing against men fashion.

Low hanging trousers: I don’t know who is to blame for how low guys wear their pants out here. I have seen some so low that I feared they’d fall if the wearer sneezed. It’s not fancy and makes one look unserious, please make it stop.

Socks and sandals: I don’t know why anyone would intentionally buy open shoes just to wear socks with them. This look is just disturbing. If you get cold feet, simply buy closed shoes.

Odd shoes: There’s something about pointed shoes that is slightly cringe worthy. When the point is too much, guys look like they are going to attend Aladdin’s dinner party at the expo-grounds, or like they just joined the sultan’s guard of honor! And when they wear out and start waving to the heavens, guys just look like you do push-ups in them every morning.

As I said before, fashion is another mode of expression and creation of identity. No one can dictate it for you, we may shudder at some sights occasionally though. So, go ahead and be yourselves, people. But once in a while stop to think before throwing on your next look.