Surge in optimism as students living allowance increased

By staff

Government-sponsored students at the University of Rwanda have optimistically welcomed the move by the government to increase monthly stipend from Rwf 25,000 to 35,000.The bursary revision marks the addition of Rwf 10,000 to the current amount.

The move to be effected in 2018/2019 fiscal year in July was meant to improve students’ welfare.

Last year, Senators had recommended the government to revise the monthly stipend which remained unchanged for more than a decade. For a long time, beneficiaries have been complaining that the bursary was insufficient given high levels of inflatation.

The move was announced by the minister of Education, Dr. Eugene Mutimurwa.

“Personally, I am very grateful and happy to hear the news that our student allowances will be increased because it is going to improve my life in terms of buying food stuff and having money to use on my daily needs.” Said an excited Germaine Nsanzimana, a third year student at School of Journalism and Communication.

Students have waited a long time for this change to be made and to some of them they believe that the change comes at the right time.

“Life in Kigali is increasingly becoming very expensive. I am thankful for the increase in the allowance since it is going to help me a lot. However it could have been better if the money was more than Rwf35, 000 because we have many expenses and the money runs out way before the month ends.” said Paul Ncogoza, a third year student at the school of Finance.