OPINION: Why CBE is my favorite campus

Diversity is defined the minute you set foot in the College of Business and Economics (CBE) campus – Gikondo. It is widely believed that students who go to this school are mostly bookworms. True as it may be it’s not only academics that these students excel at. Before I got enrolled I thought that this was an exclusively academic institution, and that unless it wasn’t (was/wasn’t?) a bookrelated issue there was no room for blossoming. I was beautifully impressed when I realized that it was also an environment where people have many different talents. Some of them include;

Spiritual leaders: Just like any other multicultural society, CBE has people with different beliefs. Regardless of the difference each and every person finds themselves in places where they are most comfortable. You will find yourself with those whose faith you share and there will always be that one person who is gifted  enough to share the word.

Models: These are both male and female. When you are a model, the ground automatically becomes your runway! And a good sense of style just comes in handy. These are my favorite people and I always look forward to running into one of them in the hallway because it’s just like having a VIP seat in a fashion show. The only difference is you get to see it for free.

Comedians: Earlier when I said models were my favorite people to hang around I did not know that renowned comedy band the “les Garçons” are studying in this school. Those who know them on a personal level live a happy life. I speak from experience since I got the honor of knowing one of them and the feeling is indescribable. You notice this most especially that time when you’re from a class that you hate so much and you don’t see the importance but all you can do is blame the curriculum for being so unfavorable. Nothing beats running into one of them because they have a way of making everything funny and they give you something to laugh about the whole day. Time spent with them is just priceless.

This is to mention just a few qualities that make CBE – campus stand out.