Beauty competitions ’a tool for sharpening young ladies’ skills’

Beauty competitions have been criticised for being outdated events focusing only on looks and appearance.
But Annet Umutoni, who was recently crowned Miss UR-Huye Campus, does not agree with this argument.
”My skills are constantly being sharpened”, miss Umutoni says.


“In Being crowned Miss UR-Huye Campus, I was given a chance to live my dreams by having people around me and challenge me to become a better person. My skills are constantly being sharpened and that helps me become a better person so that I can help my community in any way possible,” said Umutoni.
She is the reigning Miss University of Rwanda-Huye Campus. She believes that the beauty competition is a good platform for young ladies that challenges them and encourages them to take up responsibilities in community development at a young age.

Voice of youth
Umutoni, a second year student pursuing Bachelors in Science Accounting at Huye Campus, said that she has always wanted to be a voice for the youth. She is using the acquired opportunity to help the youth develop their talents to help them steer their life in a positive direction.
”We are currently organizing a talent show that will help the youth develop their skills and show case their talents. The overall winner will win various prizes and at the end of the competition they will have learnt a lesson or two and probably become more confident as a result”, she said.

Belief and confidence
Umutoni encourages the young generation, especially young ladies, to never underestimate themselves but to believe and have confidence in themselves since everyone is unique and destined for great things.
Most universities in Rwanda hold annual beauty pageants despite that the entire community does not have the same understanding on the event.
According to Doriane Kundwa, who was crowned Miss Rwanda 2015, a beauty pageant is beyond physical appearance but since it also includes such aspects as culture.